How to submit demos to labels

Demo submission is part of the release process you must go through if you want to keep your foot in the door of the music industry. But there are some criteria you should check before sending out your demo. Here they are:

1. Check out the label

Your song could be the greatest hit of time, if it doesnt fit to the playlist or label, it wont get accepted! Take that in consideration! Check out the labels website before you submit, click through the playlist to get an idea of what they upload. If your music fits in, your chance of being accepted will increase enormously! Apart from that it could be useful to check out how they want to receive the demo submission. Some of them have a general mail adress for that, other have a contact form on their website and some of them an entire website just for submitting music. If you send your demo to the wrong mail adress for example, your mail will get in trash instantly.

2. Write short, well-arranged texts

Most labels getting around 100 and more submissions per day. Because of that, they dont have the time to check your text with around 1000 words. Keep your text clean, short and well-arranged. That wont only make sure they have the time to read it, but makes you stand out from the other mails they will get.

3. Be professional

Have a look on your spelling and grammar and control your mail two times! Maybe make yourself a mail signature you add under your mail, could look a bit more professional. You only have one chance to make an impression. Make it count.

4. Personalize your message

You will be far more likely considered if you dont write a message that looks like copy & paste! Also please, never send your demo to multiple people on cc or bcc! That’s one of the biggest mistakes out there!

5. Send private links with finished tracks

Never send unfinished tracks to labels. They wont dream about how it can sound if it is finished. They want to hear a whole track, not an idea of something! Apart from that, most labels want private tracks so they can make sure they can release the track first. Soundcloud is a good tool for that!

Here you can download an Email template for such a submission. This is only a template, take step 1,4 and 5 in consideration never the less!

E mail Submission Template
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