How to distribute your Music online

Music distribution to Spotify and more music stores

Distributing your music online has a great value today for most musicians. There was a point in my career where I ask myself: "Why everybody can upload their songs to Soundcloud and Youtube but not on Spotify?".  Its because you need a "DNP", a digital network provider.  These are companies which will upload your music for you on Spotify, Itunes and Co.

These are five of the most known digital network providers. They all got different business models. These models I want to show you in my review about these five services below, all marked with some advantages and disadvantages, so you can get an idea of which fits best to you and your music!


👍: -No commission! You keep 100% of the revenue -Unlimited songs for one yearly price -Payment splitting between artist -Unique Spotify and iTunes features (lyrics, cover photos, verification checkmark) -Various payment providers and methods -Easy to use and navigate -No payment threshold -150+ outlets 👎: -Their platform is always trying to upsell you to more expensive plans -Store Maximizer and Shazam cost extra


👍: -O% Commision keep all royalties -150+ Outlets wide reach -Speed to Spotify and Apple -Free ISRC Codes & UPC codes -Ability to make changes without re-uploading -Customer support Monday to Friday 👎: -Removal of music if you cant afford to pay -Annual fees -Charges a fee for adding new outlets -Try to upsell add-ons you usually don't require during upload


👍: -Many different physical distribution options -Payouts made weekly with only a $10 threshold -Artists keep 91% of earnings from sales on CD Baby’s music store 👎: -Expensive submission fees -Barcodes are not free -No payment splitting


👍: -0% commission taken on your earnings -Music promotion services included -Free barcodes -Discounts available to many other music industry services and website 👎: -Limited distribution to only 44 stores/platforms -Limited analytics -No payment splitting


👍: -Switch between Free and Premium plans at any time -Sell music directly to fans with RouteNote Direct -Get upgraded to SoundCloud Unlimited at no additional cost -Payment Splitting -Upload music for free, get 80% of earnings  👎: -Releases can take up to 3-4 weeks to go live -45-day delay getting paid

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