You always struggle about what mastering is and

the steps it takes to get a good sounding track

which is ready for distribution and competition?

On over 70 pages, I will give you an overview about

mastering, my best tips and steps about the

mastering process I made in over 10 years

of experience in music production.

We will face more on the practice of mastering,

but you will get some important theoretical

information, too.

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In the book, we will cover the following topics:

  • Definition of what mastering is

  • Monitoring situation in your studio

  • What to do before the mastering (Premastering)

  • All mastering steps explained

    • EQ​

    • Glue-compression and other compression types

    • Saturation

    • Stereo Width

    • Maximizer

    • Limiting

    • Analyzing

    • Automations

    • Rendering

    • After mastering & reference test​​

  • The purposes of mastering

  • The loudness war

  • Practical tasks to do

  • A free bonus for you!

This E-Book is for beginners as well as for

intermediates and you don't need any expensive

gear or plugins. I often show you some

freeware alternatives, too.

Get rid of all doubts and paid services and

do it yourself. This book is all you need!

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