With a long history and a proven track record you can always rely on me to get the most out of your music. If you require an individual track mastered or a professional mixdown, then I can deliver amazing results at an affordable price. I provide a wide range of professional audio services to meet your needs.

Lets make something happen together!


Song Mixing

Mixing describes the process of editing your audio. That means declicking it,

denoising it, adjusting volume levels of every single element. Furthermore its 

about adjusting frequencies, compressing every element to edit its dynamic range,

getting creative with effects to create movement and variety, automating those effects, placing the sounds 

in the stereo field and adding distortion and saturation and exciting to 

fattening up your sound.




Song Mastering

Mastering describes the process of preparing your audio for distribution,

whether that be CD, streaming or something else. I'll make sure that your

songs sound good on any system, adding punch, clarity, tonal balance and stereo field compatibility. Apart from that, an important topic of todays music are the dynamics of a song. I'll make sure to leave most of dynamics of your song, but nevertheless getting the 

most volume out of your song to a commercial standard.




Mixing & Mastering

This offer includes all steps from the Song Mixing and Song Mastering tab.

I can always deliver you best results if I do the mixing and mastering for you!

Why? Because if you give me a bad mixed track, I cant make an amazing master out of it. Maybe you heard of that: When the mastering isnt sounding good, it's often not a problem from the mastering itself, its a mixing problem!




How it will work?

You request a service offer over the buttons above. Than I will get in contact with you via E mail. We will discuss what you expect from me and the result and than you send over your stems. Give me around two or three days and you will get back your track!

Can you send me a preview of my track before I will buy it?

Sure, that is possible! I will send you 30 seconds of your mixed/mastered track and if you like it, you can buy it!

How do we transfer files?

About wetransfer.com.

How do I have do render my files before sending them to you?

  • You export every single stem in full length of the song. To do so, solo your mixer channel for that instrument and render the song in full lenght. Do that with every mixer channel you used!
  • NO EFFECTS ON IT (no EQ, no Compressor, no Stereo Imager, no Limiter!).
  • 44,1 Khz, 24 bit
  • .wav Datei (no mp3!)

How is payment done?

I accept Paypal or credit transfer. We will discuss that in our E mail conversation.

Can I send you more than one song?

Sure, but than it will obviously take some mor time to finish them!